Is It Possible To Have Joy In Sorrow

So very often, we are exposed to something in life that cast a shadow on our joy. When we feel the pain of sorrow, it seems almost impossible to have joy flowing within our heart at the same time. This is especially true when we cannot find answers for sorrows there is just no simple answer for, and to us there is no reason (our carnal nature wants to flow outward) it should have happened. Therefore, we question; is it possible to find joy in sorrow?

Some of these times are when a child is born with a disease there is no cure for or when a child dies with their entire life ahead. We ask ourselves what reason is there for a child who is helpless to have such tragedy. When we lose someone we love without a moment’s notice, and we cannot think about life without him or her, it is not only a time of sorrow, it is a time of many questions.

There are other circumstances in life that we question why did this happen to me, and what have I done wrong? Neither has a good answer more than likely, and the facts are that life things happen to everyone, Christians and those who do not believe. No one is exempt from sorrow, and most of us know that at some points within our life, sorrow is inevitable. Death is sure for all people, and we have no choice in those matters, regardless of how we try to promote a long, healthy life.

Disappointments come from life, work, family, health, finances, and almost all life things. Nothing in “real” life is perfect, most of the time, however, with Christ it is made much easier.

I would go as far to say, that there is nothing perfect in anyone’s life because perfection is a very hard place to be.  Why?  We have season’s of life. In fact many people get all entangled with perfection and wind up worse off and less perfected by reaching for something that is so hard to obtain. Knowing that God has control, is always far better than reaching out for the impossible.

What in life is flawless? God’s love, God’s presence, God’s mercy, God’s protection, God’s understanding, and God’s deliverance. Yes, all these things that we have in Jesus Christ is perfection. However, our natural life can only become more perfected when we trust Him and His words. Even when the results of sorrow has weakened our prospective, if we look to His words of comfort, there is joy that can be found.

When we are serving Jesus, He goes before us and makes the crooked places straight; He heals our sorrows, and will heal our fears. However, He knows our weaknesses and that often we are sidetracked because we forget the majesty that His power has control of. He knows very well, there are many things that we do not understand in life, that sorrow is hard to deal with and still have the joy of the Lord in our hearts.

However, if we can remember in all sorrowful things that Jesus sees the present and the future for all of us. He knows what is ahead. He does not warrant sadness or sorrow, He warrants this:

The above statement about perfection is a broad statement however; I recall this scripture, which even tells us to watch our steps so that we do not fall. In other word our path to Heaven is not sure unless we walk it with consciousness, and remain aware of our steps. We must not become too  confident even in our salvation. In other words, remember where you came from, and do not forget to hold fast to that hope of eternal life.

1 Corinthians 10:12 –

“Wherefore let him that thinketh he stand take heed lest he fall.”

May He Always Give You Joy and Understanding In Your Sorrows,



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